Useful Information for Exporting Japanese Used Cars


Each industry has their own set of words. Exporting JDM also has it's own unique terms. Here are the terms listed under their relevant areas of usage.

General Terms - Terms that are used when talking about Japanese used cars in general.
Shipping Terms - Terms used during Exporting, Shipping, and Importing Japanese used cars.
Acronyms and Abbreviations - Brief explanations of abbreviated words.
Japanese to English Inspection Sheet Translations - Most Inspection Sheets are in Japanese.


Country's Profile
Current Time in Japan (external link)
Historic Exchange Rate for Japanese Yen - See which way exchange rates are headed.
Cost of Owning a Vehicle in Japan
Right Hand Drive (RHD) and Left Hand Drive (LHD)

SNIPPETS (Small Pieces of Useful Information)

Useful Information about Japanese Auto Auctions
Map of Auto Auctions of Japan
Types of Auto Auctions in Japan
Year of Manufacturing Vs. Year of First Registration

Searching For Cars - How Auction listings work.
Japanese Car Auction Data for Dealers - Live demo of software for dealers. (external link)

Statistics On Countries Importing Japanese Used Cars
Old Statistics For Importing Japanese Used Cars


More information about the cars themselves.
Japanese Used Car Info Video
Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers - Websites for Japanese JDM vehicles in English.
Domestic Market Names for Japanese Vehicles - Japan often brands cars differently inside and outside the country.


Organizations - Those part of the Japanese Exporting industry.
Shipping Companies - Those that ship vehicles.
List of Import/Export Companies - Learn about companies in the industry.

Japanese Used Car Importing Weblog - Latest news in used car importing industry.