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Right Hand Drive (RHD) and Left Hand Drive (LHD)

RHD vs. LHD World Map - Source:Wikipedia
Red = Left Hand Drive | Blue = Right Hand Drive

All around the world there are a number of different systems used to regulate how traffic flows. One aspect that is important and often considered is which side a driver sits in a vehicle. When the driver sits on the right, it is called right hand drive, or RHD. When the drive is on the left, it's called left hand drive, or LHD.

Driving Around the World

Approximately two thirds (2/3 - 66%) of the world's population drives with the driver on the left side. The rest (34%) have the driver on the right side (see map). Note that RHD and LHD are different from RHT (right hand traffic) and LHT (left hand traffic). These terms (RH and LH Traffic) refer to the position the vehicle is on the road. Generally, RHD vehicles drive on LHT roads and LHD vehicles drive on RHT roads. There are a few exception throughout the world though.

In Japan

In Japan, all vehicle produced for this market (JDM) are made right hand drive. While you may find left hand drive vehicles which were most likely imported, the large majority will be RHD cars. As a result, most cars exported from Japan are to other RHD nations. But exporting/importing is not limited to those nations.

Many LHD nations have no problem with registering cars from Japan on their roads. The best examples are Canada and Russia. In Canada, RHD drivers boast a lower accidental rate than people driving those typical. Most people find it comfortable to drive "on the wrong side" within a few hours. Closer to Japan, in the far eastern side of Russia, about 90% of the vehicles are RHD even though the nation is built LHD. Many other left hand drive nations are importing. See the Statistics of who's importing.

Image and Facts Source: Wikipedia