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Buying Stock Vehicles

In Japan there are two major ways to buy vehicles. One is through a Dealer and the other is through Auctions. Here we will tell you the benefits of buying Stock vehicles (those sold by Dealers) over those sold in Auctions. We will also share with you how easy it is to purchase Stock vehicles.

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Stock vehicles mean that the automobiles are already in the possession of the dealer which is selling to you. Prices are usually fixed, meaning their is an asking price without any bidding involved. This is why Stock vehicles are also called Dealer Stock or Fixed Price.

Benefits of Stock

There a few things that might make you want to choose buying directly from a Dealer than using Auto Auctions.

Skipping the auto auctions would be beneficial if you:

  • Want a car quicker.
  • Want a set price.
  • Want a more detailed and closer account of the cars condition.

When buying Stock vehicles which have fixed prices, you will be able to easily calculate the total cost (or better yet, you can ask for a quote). Also, Dealers are able better analysis of the vehicle than a quick auction inspection.


There are two main advantages for searching Stock over Auction: One is that the prices are at a flat price which is more simple and usually "first-come-first-served". That means there is no waiting for an auction day or worrying about being outbid.

Also, you can always get more details about the car and the dealer can inspect the car's condition better because the dealer are in possession of the vehicle(s).


Compared to bidding, ordering can be much easier. All you must do is simply send an order form/message after you're absolutely sure you want a car. After you submit, you should be contacted so you're able to move on to purchasing the vehicle. Some exporters may require some form of deposit to hold the vehicle for you from others making offers between the time of ordering and payment.


At this stage, you will be required to pay in full your balance. You will be charged different amounts depending if you are using FOB, CFR / C&F, CIF or another agreement. For more information about the differences, visit our Shipping Terms Glossary.

You will receive a purchasing agreement and invoice. You may be required to sign both and fax back copies for security reasons.

Most exporters will use only wire transfer (often called Telegraphic Transfer or TT). Buying by credit/debit card is not possible due to large fees the seller must pay to the banks.

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