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Major Mitsubishi Car Models Names

Airtrek Coined from Air and Trek to describe its ability to transport its passengers on adventure-packed journeys in a free-as-a-bird manner.

Aspire From the English.

BJ means Big Joy.

Bravo Originally from Italian, an expression of admiration, congratulations.

Canter From the English word describing the gait of a horse; a collected gallop which the horse is able to sustain over long distances. Just right for Mitsubishi�s range of thoroughbred small trucks.

Carisma Coined from the Greek "kharisma" and English "charisma": describing the god-given attribute of an almost magical power that attracts many followers.

Cedia Coined from the English CEntury and DIAmond.

Chariot French for the battle chariot used in ancient Greece and the Roman empire.

Colt is a young horse.

   Colt Plus Giving a "plus" to luggage space and overall appeal.

Delica Coined from English DELIcately and CArry; to transport with care.

   Delica D:5 From �delivery car�; D:5 meaning �5th-generation Delica�.

Dingo From Bingo, with its "strike lucky" connotation; the B being replaced by the D in the Mitsubishi "Diamond" logo.

Diamante From the Spanish; reflecting the company�s Three-Diamond logo, gives expression to "brilliant" and sparkling expectations.

Dion Derived from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and joy.

Eclipse Undefeated 18th century English racehorse that won 26 races.

eK Wagon Coined from Japanese "e" (excellent) and "keiken" (experience).

Endeavor Evoking the concepts of "challenge," "adventure," "travel" and an image of futuristic innovation.

Fuso Used to refer to Japan in ancient Chinese texts: "The place where the sun rises in the Eastern Sea"

Galant From the French "gallant, valiant".

   Galant Fortis Galant, French for "gallant" combined with Fortis, Latin for "brave".

Grandis From the Latin for large or grand.

i From the Japanese "ai" meaning love, and representing intelligence, innovation, and imagination.

Lancer A soldier of cavalry regiment armed with lance.

   Lancer Evolution Evolving the idea of progression to a higher state of being.

Legnum From the Latin "regnum" or kingdom: reflecting regal power and rank.

Magna From Latin magnus: great, magnificent, superior.

MiEV Short for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle; next-generation EV being developed by Mitsubishi Motors.

Minica means, literally, minicar.

Minicab Light cab-over vehicle with cargo bed.

Mirage From the English (originally French) "mirage"

Outlander From the English "outland", evoking the feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure.

Pajero Named after a mountain cat that inhabits the Patagonia plateau region in southern Argentina.

   iO Italian for I, me. Generates image of being easy to get to know, easy to drive; one�s very own Pajero.

   Mini All the features of its big brother Pajero in an easy-to-handle, highly maneuverable, compact and high economy package.

RVR means Recreational Vehicle Runner

Space Gear Reflects the generous "space" available for transporting large quantities of leisure and sports "gear".

Sports Gear Ideal for transporting large items of leisure and sports equipment to beach, camp site or ski slope.

Spyder Convertible.

Strada is Italian for road.

Toppo Coined from English "top" (roof) and Japanese "noppo" (lanky).

Town Box A vehicle with ample load space but which is designed for city use.

Triton Tri, English meaning "3" (from Mitsubishi = three diamonds), combined with "ton" of "1-ton pickup".

Zinger Referring to the concept of "inspiring the spirit" and to a person with vitality.