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Importing Japanese Used Cars Into Jamaica


Trucks exceeding 3 tons, tractor heads and trailers do not require an Import Licence. Further information regarding Import Licences may be obtained from the Trade Board Limited, 107 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 or 30 Market Street Montego Bay, St. James. All other vehicles must have a Import License.

The new age limits (from the manufacturing date to the date of importation) are as follows:

  • Motor Cars - Three (3) years
  • Vans/Light Trucks - Four (4) years
  • Returning Residents - Five (5) years

Classic/Antique/Limited-Edition cars may be imported with special license from the Trade Board with the application supported by the Jamaican Classic Car Club.

Individual residents (both those in Jamaica and returning) may import up to two (2) motor vehicles (one motorcar and one light commerical vehicle) every three (3) years. Non-Jamaicans must show proof of immigration status such as a Work Permit. Older cars may be imported as personal imports by returning residents if owned for at least 6 months and approved by the Trade Board.

Businesses may import unlimited amounts, but cannot import salvaged or damaged vehicles.

Importers must give a warranty of 90 days if they intend to sell a vehicle. English manuals must also be given to customers for the car without additional costs.

Used car dealers are required to hold a spare parts inventory representing ten percent (10%) of their current vehicle stock with the majority being mechanical parts.

Note: Correct street addresses are required!
Please note that your street address will be required since the U.S. Government's Department of Homeland Security does not allow imports of vehicles for clients with just their P.O. Box address in the Caribbeans.
Ensure that your street address is correct when you order. Your vehicle will be booked for shipment and prepare the shipping documents accordingly.

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Import Duty 10-40%
Aggregate Duty 10-180%
GCT 0-100%

* Visit Customs for more details.

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  • Import Licence
  • Certificate of Title (Deregistration Certificate)
  • Bill of Lading
  • Invoice(s)
  • Bill of Sight (read below)
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Taxpayer Registration Number
  • Import Entry C78
  • Two valid Identifications from following:
    • Passport
    • Driver's License
    • Nation Identification
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Import Permit

An individual or a company who intends to import a motor vehicle must first apply to the Trade Board for an Import Licence/Permit and receive them before making arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica.

Individual and Returning Residents

  1. The importer completes in triplicate an Application Form (for a Import Permit) and submit to the Trade Board Limited along with the following documents: -
    1. Proof of ownership (Certificate of Title, Bill of Sale, Gift Letter) in applicant's name, detailing model, accessories and c.i.f. value.
    2. Two (2) valid form of identification from the following:
      • Passport (Pages up to expiry date)
      • Driver's Licence both sides
      • National Identification
    3. Proof of Taxpayers Registration Number (both sides)
    4. Where applicable, documentary proof of landed immigration status.
  2. The Order and Clearance Permit is processed and then collected.
    Please note that licences will be claused against sale for period of three (3) years.
  3. Where an applicant is unable to collect his/her import licence, the Trade Board will facilitate delivery to a licensed Customs Broker, upon presentation of a proper identification or to an individual with a letter of authorisation from the applicant and proper identification.
  4. Clearance is effected at Customs after verification of the order and clearance permit by the Trade Board Limited. Final valuation for duty purpose is determined by Customs.


  1. Where applicable, apply for a Trade Number, submitting the following documents: -
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • First and last pages of Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Letter stating nature of business
    • Proof of N.I.S. and Income Tax Numbers
  2. Complete application form in triplicate submitted with Proof of Ownership (Certificate of Title, Bill of Sale, Invoice).
  3. Companies who are the beneficiary of a duty concession and applying for an Import Licence must submit documentary proof of such concession.

Shipping the Vehicle

Having obtained the Import License, the individual or the company may then make arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica.

If you don't have a Import License, you will be liable to pay a penalty equivalent to three times the value of the vehicle and in addition, the vehicle may be subject to seizure by the Commissioner of Customs.

When the vehicle is imported into Jamaica, the importer must seek the services of a licensed customs broker to clear the vehicle through Customs. The broker will advise the importer of the information and documents required, the procedure to be followed, the port and wharf charges, the amount of duties to be paid to the Customs and the fee to be paid to the broker for their services.

After the documents have been processed and the duties, charges and fees paid, the broker may then proceed to clear the vehicle from the wharf/airport, etc.

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