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Import Approval Documents for Australia


Proof required for Overseas Ownership in Japan includes:

  • Every page of your passport including black pages.
  • Statement of Travel which explains when you left the country of residence and why.
  • Purchase documents.
  • Overseas car registration, from time of purchase to time of deregistration, in your name.
  • Deregistration certificate, in your name, show date of deregistration in Japan.
  • Parking Approval in your name showing you had permission to park.
  • Car Tax and Insurance proof.
  • Driver's License that is either international or Japanese.
  • Additional proof that may be requested.
    • Previous Owner's Deregistration Certificate for the vehicle.
    • Additional Purchasing evidence. (e.g. cheque butts, bank/ credit card statements, etc.)
    • Repair/ maintenance documents in your name.
    • Proof your are currently or applying for permanent residence and/or citizenship.
    • Proof you are returning to Australia with the vehicle.
    • Both passports when dual passports are held.
    • Evidence of keeping a permanent place to live while overseas. (e.g. electric bills, etc.)

All document that are not in English must be translated by an accredited agency.

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  • Purchase Document
  • Certified Picture ID of Importer
  • Evidence of the Month of Manufacture (e.g. Deregistration Certificate)
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The RAW (Registered Automotive Workshop) applies for Import Approval. Your RAW may require:

  • Purchase Document
  • Your ID
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